Property management

Many self storage operators say they cannot afford third party management, or they do not see the value. Donald Jones Consulting & Service will provide the opportunity to increase the owners property knowledge, and to manage the owners Self Storage Investment if necessary. Our objective is to help show the value of our services.  

Donald Jones Consulting just took over management of a North Texas Self Storage location which is currently 100% occupied. Together with the owner, we will make adjustments in management that will reduce occupancy, but will increase income beyond our new management fees. Each property must be assessed independently and then use the Income Statement to measure success.

I am unable to manage every property, but I can provide council for any property owner who is seeking to improve or change.  Together we can create a plan to manage the Self Storage Property more efficiently. We want to create change through Manager Training, Operating Rules Evaluation, Software Enhancements, and Marketing Modifications. 

Donald Jones Consulting is not  a typical management company. Below we will illustrate the difference:

Working Together – We will consult, teach, and manage the property with, or for the owners, according to his or her choosing. Unlike Donald Jones Consulting, typical management companies will take 100% "ownership" of the property and the real owner will have little authority.

No Long Term Contracts –  We will manage on a month to month basis. This makes it easier for either us to part ways if we do not perform as promised.

Fees –  We do not charge 6% fees with unlimited potential. Together we will determine the value of our services and we will come up with a fee to include a percentage based on a minimum and a maximum.

Employees – The employees are the properties. They will be attached to the proprietor's Federal Employee Identification Number. We will not take them, move them, transfer them, etc. They will be tied to a package that works within the property budget. Benefits, Bonuses, and Workers Comp. are all items that are considered on a property by property basis, not based on a management operating style. 

Marketing – Marketing expenses will be determined by need rather than convenience. We will only spend marketing dollars as part of a budget predetermined by ownership and management.

Rebranding – We will not force rebranding. Eventually we will discuss branding if that is a part of the overall objective and written plan of action we create together.

Bookkeeping – We can perform the bookkeeping, and pay the bills if asked to do so, or the owner can retain this function. 

Overall, property management is a function of doing what is best for the property in a way that is best for the owner with our assistance.  Contact us today to discuss more about our consulting and operating style.   

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