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Our Team

The People Behind Donald Jones Consulting & Service, LLC

Here at Donald Jones Consulting & Service, we are real people ready to help take care of you and your business. Get to know our team better by reading more about each of us!

Donald and Candice Jones


Donald & Candice Jones enjoy a partnership together having established Donald Jones Consulting & Service in December 2004. We have celebrated 26 years of marriage in December 2020 and have two children. Both have graduated college, one is married, and both are working on “adulting.” We were blessed to have just purchased a new home designed for entertaining near Lake Worth, TX (Fort Worth Area). As a family we have lived in Abilene, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Midland, TX. We are true Texas Natives.

Before becoming active in the company, Candice spent all of her time learning to manage people as President of the PTA twice, how to manage time as an active participant on the Athletic Boosters, and how to manage finances on the Choir Boosters. She was an asset in the schools she served in that when our youngest graduated, they named her as the first ever Timber Creek Candice Jones Volunteer of the Year recipient with a plaque hanging in the school now named in her honor. Donald began his Self‐Storage career with the U‐Haul Co. of Texas and transitioned to the U‐Haul Co. of Fort Worth as the Marketing Company President where he finished 11 combined years of service. Upon completion of his employment with U‐Haul he managed 17 company owned stores, a $24 MM budget and over 7,000 Storage Units. He was ranked #2 in total storage product in the US and Canada and #18 in total gross income within the U‐Haul Company.

DJCS has become an established and respected contact and resource in the Self‐Storage Industry. In addition to offering full property management we are actively engaged in performing a variety of services to those who need assistance and perspective regarding Self Storage. We have been fortunate to speak in National Conferences in Las Vegas on Feasibility Studies and sit on professional panels regarding Property Management with the Texas Storage Association. We have written numerous articles for trade magazines and have been represented in other articles. DJCS worked in conjunction with Watson & Taylor (now Move it Storage) on a contract basis for 7 years in their acquisition department. During those 7 years we evaluated thousands of storage properties through financial modeling and on‐site inspections. In addition, we managed Hurricane Recovery efforts by managing the construction of several severely damaged properties.

Today Candice manages Human Resources but more importantly she brings the human touch and love to Staff and Clients. Donald & Candice travel together and balance each other with their individual strengths.

We are not perfect, but we try extremely hard to service every client and every customer.

Clara Gonyea

Administrator - Data Entry, Customer Service, Deposit Confirmation

Hi! My name is Clara Gonyea. My husband Jeff, and I have been blessed with 5 children. In my free time, I enjoy working out and spending time with my kiddos. I have been a part of the DJCS family for 4 years now. I absolutely love this company because we are a family. A family that works together to meet our client's needs. I am an administrative assistant, on a daily basis, I work with data entry, bookkeeping, and customer service. I help clients make payments, find rental spaces and provide information about our company. My mission is for you to have a pleasant experience. I look forward to working with you in the future on your business adventures.

Lanna Birt

Financial Administrator

Hi! I am Lanna Birt, the Financial Administrator here at DJCS. My role with the company encompasses several aspects for our clients. My main role is maintaining a close eye on the financial data of each of our properties. This includes, and definitely not limited to, monthly & quarterly reports to owners, bill payments, data entry, reconciliation of accounts, etc. As a check & balance to that role, I also audit the daily work that is submitted by our managers. Another way I assist our client is to understand the state laws for delinquency in order to organize and run online auctions and protect our client by the laws of the state. Finally, my attention to detail helps to keep DJCS moving forward, either in organizing meetings & calls, keeping the company calendar up to date, or correspondence with owners and managers. I enjoy meeting our clientele and strive to meet deadlines to aid them with timely decisions for their investment.

Lauren Blackburn

Competition Analyst

Hi! I’m Lauren Blackburn. I’m the Competition Analyst for DJCS. I collect data on the competition in a given area and pull demographics to compile a spreadsheet to help Donald with his reports for our clients. Based on the information I gather, Donald can then determine whether each client’s project is feasible and what they need to do to be successful in that market. I love working for DJCS because it really does feel like a family. I’m lucky enough to be able to work from home and have a flexible schedule so that I can still spend my days with my two year old daughter. Even on the occasions when I do need to go into the office, I’m able to bring my daughter with me and have no shortage of people there who love her and enjoy keeping her entertained.

Tocarro Williams

Director of Operations

Tocarro Williams has been the Director of Operations for Donald Jones Consulting and Services for 4 years. She oversees 25 stores throughout Nevada, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, and Texas. Her daily responsibilities include - Support to Facility Managers, Training, Revenue Management, and Marketing. She is fluent in various programs including: SiteLink, Storedge, and Web Self Storage. Tocarro is also well versed in additional eCommerce software.

As the director of the Operations division, she is solely responsible for training all managers within the Donald Jones Consulting group. In previous years, Tocarro has successfully led and managed both large-scale teams and more intimate teams. Her background in healthcare and human resources coupled with her astute nature has allowed her to become a force to be reckoned.

Her managerial style seeks to provide balance between the needs of the employees and the needs of the owner. She believes that this symbiotic relationship is essential to a well-run company and provides benefits to all involved.  Above all, she looks to direct operations with integrity for the business, compassion for the customers and employees, and with insight into coming trends to keep the company focused on the future.

Outside of the workplace she looks forward to spending time with her family, vacationing, and taking the time to dive into her favorite book.